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Let's Eco Test Subscription

Giá mặc định 475.000 VND
Giá giảm 475.000 VND Giá mặc định 730.000 VND
(Tiết kiệm 255.000₫)
Bao gồm thuế Vận chuyển được tính ở bước thanh toán.

Product information

Advanced organic formulation combining the purity of organic ingredients with functional nutrition, supported by the latest pediatric research. Formulated to support active toddlers from 10+ months as an enriched alternative to milk. Contains more than 20 types of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acid DHA and other nutrients. You will find measuring spoon attached in our product, along with a feeding table and preparation instruction on the packaging to guide you how much your child will need of our follow-on formula every day.