If you are a follower of the cult esport game League of Legends, surely everyone understands that the highest realm of a player is reaching Pentakill in a ranked match (ranked solo/duo).

Although the number of people achieving Pentakill is not too common, there are also many players who achieve this. In your entire career playing League of Legends, if you achieve a Pentakill once, it is a memorable and extremely proud achievement.

So how do people know about your feat when Garena or Riot do not have any special rewards for those who reach Pentakill? That is the reason for the birth of Project PENTAKILL.

What is Project Pentakill?

This is a project operated by PENTA, to bring meaningful gifts to Pentakill winners in ranked solo/duo matches.


All LoL players in Vietnam, no age limit.


  • Get Pentakill in a single ranked match (ranked solo/duo)
  • Ranked Gold IV or higher


  • 01 Jersey "Project Pentakill" Limited

Steps to join:

  1. Record your Pentakill Replay video
  2. Submit the participation form "Project Pentakill" with your in-game ID account information, reward address
  3. After verifying the video is yours, if eligible PENTA will send the reward to you

Disclaimer Terms

  • PENTA reserves the right to refuse to award prizes if it detects fake profiles or shows signs of fraud, using someone else's account
  • PENTA reserves the right to change the program content or end the program at any time without prior notice
  • The final decision belongs to PENTA