Merch Platform

Vietnam is one of the countries with the largest number of esports players in the world. The most prominent of which is League of Legends. Each competition event at VCSA or MSI, Worlds always attracts hundreds of thousands of live followers in Vietnam alone.

In addition, every day, tens or even hundreds of thousands of fans are watching their favorite streamers on platforms such as YouTube, NimoTv, Nonolive, Facebook Gaming, etc.

Esports teams are increasingly invested, becoming esports organizations with potential for long-term development. More and more esports studios attract famous KOLs and streamers to join the ranks.

In addition to the internal resources of the team as well as the financial resources from sponsors, we believe that the Merchandise business segment (accompanied products such as sportswear, T-shirts, jackets, backpacks,... ) will bring a stable and sustainable source of income to develop the team.

However, the fact that the team management and esports/studio organization is extremely busy makes the teams not have enough resources to develop this business.

With 5 years of experience in the field of e-commerce and especially Merchandise, PENTA wishes to cooperate with:

  • Esports Team/Organization
  • Esports Studio
  • KOLs
  • Streamers

PENTA has a team in charge of product ideation, design, finding production partners, quality control, production and delivery to fan customers.

For collaborate: